5 Ways of connecting with nature in the city

Urban indoor jungle 

The Earth is the centre of our existence.  With our modern lives enhanced by technology and fast conveniences, it is easy to forget how much we depend on the Earth just as our ancestors did.  The difference now is that as society has evolved our connection to the planet we live on, our source of life, has deteriorated to the point of near destruction.  We can turn this around by rebuilding the connection, educating those around us and building strong communities.  Here are five ways you can reconnect with nature if you live in an urban environment.

Walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach.  Feel the connection to the earths energy beneath our soles and allow the sensations to bring alive emotions and feelings we hold deep within our souls.  By walking barefoot or pressing our hands into the earth, we create a literal bond with the earth

Tree hugging isn’t just for the hippies!  It is proven that there are emotional benefits associated with hugging trees.  Choose a tree that resonates with you, one where you feel the deep-rooted calming energy from it and meditate under it.  Connect yourself with the ground and imagine becoming the tree, the roots and its branches.  Imagine releasing all your negativity and the thoughts that no longer serve you and absorb only positive, grounding energy from the Earth.

Source locally grown foods wherever possible.  If you can eat organic and sustainable foods from your local farmers market, it benefits your community.  Remember that the food has been grown by local farmers on the land that surrounds you instead of food that has been hauled great distances on the back of trucks, refrigerated and stacked on supermarket shelves.

Plant your own garden if you have room.  You don’t need a large backyard to do this with balcony gardens in apartment buildings becoming the norm.  Try growing your own herbs, vegetables and fruits.  Companion planting with flowers is aesthetically pleasing and good for your soul.

Bring the outside, inside by having potted plants in your living areas.  Choose something with a good energy and safe for pets and children.  Talking to your plants, even naming your plants will help them to grow and it is a good release for those of us who live alone.

I am a spiritual life coach, mentor, meditation teacher, reiki master, holistic life coach and energy healer. I work with women and guide them into their empowered selves by rediscovering their inner strength, self-worth, power and freedom so that they reconnect with their Higher Selves. What I’m truly passionate about is working in collaboration with other conscious women to bring healing and balance to the world. Connect on Facebook and Instagram.  Safe journeys, Namaste Leanne

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