What is the Divine Feminine?


Recently, I was asked “just what is the Divine Feminine? which is a very good question!  I know the expression has been bandied around a bit and somewhere along the way the true meaning has been a little twisted and misconstrued – not by intention but by retelling – a common issue with most verbal tellings.  So, here I hope I can help explain what the true essence of the Divine Feminine and her alternate, the Divine Masculine, is to help you, the Seeker, understand what’s happening in the world.

The Divine Feminine is the power that runs through all of us.  It is the force of creation that runs through all things.  It is present in both woman and man.  It is the aspect of ourselves that is a powerful, nourishing energy of love, wisdom, flexibility, compassion, patience and peace, and it has the power to transform.

It is an ancient knowing that forms part of our DNA from the beginning of time.  It carries the tools and the wisdom of both the feminine and masculine.  It is a connection to the forces of nature, our connection to Mother Earth and the Universe.

As we accept and embrace the Divine Feminine, we find parts of our being that have remained dormant over many generations, come alive and our connectedness to everything becomes a part of the fabric of who we are as individuals.  More importantly it works to connect us all in a conscious community of healing and nurturing.

Most importantly is connects us to each other on an unconscious level and through this energy and connection, we can move the world from the patriarchal society of the last 12,000+ years to a new stage in our development and the cycle of the Earth.

By embracing the Divine Feminine we accept the aspects of the Divine Masculine – loyalty, courage and fearlessness, embodied as the Guardian and Protector – that also live within all things and therefore work to create an harmonious balance in the world.  Together they can unite and heal.  When the Divine Masculine is left unchecked, it becomes Ego the embodiment of which is control, dominance, war, famine, greed and power.  When the Divine Masculine is in its true form, it is the Yang to the Divine Feminine Yin and balance is restored.

Over the next couple of posts, I’ll explain a little more and what this actually means for us.

I am a spiritual life coach, mentor, meditation teacher, reiki master, holistic life coach and energy healer. I work with women and guide them into their empowered selves by rediscovering their inner strength, self-worth, power and freedom so that they reconnect with their Higher Selves. What I’m truly passionate about is working in collaboration with other conscious women to bring healing and balance to the world. Connect on Facebook and Instagram.  Safe journeys, Namaste Leanne

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  1. Jenny · June 12, 2018

    Thank you for this description of the Divine Feminine and how it balances with the masculine, keeping balance.

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